About Us

Organisations often fall victim to constantly changing employment legislation as the excitement and pressures of business development often override human resource management requirements.

The importance of keeping up with the changes in employment law should not be underestimated. The benefits of having professional advice and guidance readily available to ensure that accurate detailed documentation and procedures are in place will help avoid potential costly litigation and result in greater efficiency, whilst ensuring staff motivation and commitment.

HRx was originally founded to provide advice and support, specifically to start-up and emerging businesses, HRx has significantly expanded its client base across size and sector.

HRx comprises a flexible team of consultants with experience in different aspects of the human resource functions such as policies and procedures; employment law; career counselling and development; recruitment and outplacement.


HRx teams are brought together under a project director to provide expertise on an assignment by assignment basis.

HRx offers a cost-effective, flexible solution to short-term and ongoing human resource management for:

  • Start-up companies, (including spin-outs)
  • Developing businesses
  • Organisations that are embarking upon the establishment of in-house, dedicated human resource management
  • Support to established human resource departments

HRx offers services across a wide industry spectrum


Registered in England & Wales
Company No. 6840114
VAT Registration No. 947122817