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Discipline, Dismissal & Grievance

Discipline and Grievances


When you employ staff, provided you have met your obligations, you hope that they will meet all of your expectations in the role and that they will perform their duties without any cause for concern.

However, it is a fact of life that nobody is perfect or at least they may not be perfect all of the time.  Inevitably, there will be occasions where you have reason to question the actions of certain of your staff and you need to take formal disciplinary or capability  action against them.

Likewise, there may be occasions where your staff wish to raise a complaint about a colleague or manager and they need to be advised of their right to pursue a formal grievance and the appropriate process to follow.

Here at HRx , our experienced consultants can guide you through the disciplinary and grievance processes and we will advise you on the appropriate steps to take in order to seek an amicable resolution to either situation.

We are happy to either work with you in the background, advising you on the procedure and assisting with the relevant documentation, or we can attend the workplace to chair the relevant hearings for you and/or carry out investigations – it is completely up to you as to how involved you would like us to be.